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Sterndrive service                                                                                                             Outboard service

- Run engine and check shifting / throttle operation                                                  4 Stroke

- Remove sterndrive                                                                                                         - Change engine oil

- Check engine alignment and engine coupler                                                            - Change oil filter

- Inspect driveshaft splines and u-joints                                                                       - Change gear oil

- Inspect u-joint, exhaust, and shift cable bellows                                                       - Grease pivot points

- Change sterndrive gear oil                                                                                            - Run engine up to temperature and check shift operation

- Grease u-joints, gimble bearing, and driveshaft splines                                          - Check over powerhead

- Install sterndrive

- Run engine and check shifting


Additional  available sterndrive service 

- Replace impeller in Mercruiser alpha or OMC cobra sterndrives


We are located on the corner of 25 Rd and Industrial Blvd, between Patterson Rd and Hwy 6 & 50.